UK Falmouth-based wave energy developer, Seatricity Ltd, has redeployed its full scale prototype wave energy convertor to the Wave Hub test site in Cornwall for testing.

Seatricity said that its Oceanus 2 device is the first economically viable, practical and reliable wave energy plant deployed in the UK.

Andy Bristow, managing director, Seatricity, said: “The great strength of the Oceanus 2 is its sheer simplicity. Unlike previous attempts to harness the latent energy of waves, our system is mechanically simple, modular, of manageable size and installations can be scaled for any requirement by linking more devices together.”

He added: “Unlike traditional energy generation based on nuclear or petroleum products, there are no harmful by-products. Unlike solar energy, waves tend to be bigger when energy is needed most and waves continue long after the wind that has caused them has subsided.”