Zodiac Milpro™ Sea Rib™ Aluminium platforms are built for demanding professional and military users and designed to be strong and reliable. SRA-900 boat features “D-shape” collar technology, increasing the useable deck area. It can be fitted as well with a standard round collar. The collar is readily removable to provide easy maintenance.

The SRA-900 aluminium deck integrates deck tracks, allowing rapid re-configuration to suit the mission. It is fully versatile and capable multi-role boat making it operational in all sea conditions.

Capacity dimension

Maximum Payload 1500 kg

Overall Length 9 m

Inside Length 6 m

Overall Width 3 m

Inside Width 2,3 m

Weight Lightship 2500 kg OB - 4100 kg IO

Max Displacement 4000 kg OB - 6500 kg IO

Buoyancy Tube Diameter 0,65 m


Outboard Single or Twin

Recommended Power OB Twin: 2 x 300 hp

Maximum Power OB Twin: 2 x 350 hp

Inboard Twin Diesel Drive Shaft

Recommended Power IO Twin: 2 x 300 hp

Maximum Power IO Twin: 2 x 370 hp


Performance data is dependent upon individual boat layout customization.