Guidance Marine

Guidance Marine is the leading developer and supplier of local position reference sensors for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and other vessel control systems.

Guidance Marine Ltd is a leading international developer and supplier of position reference sensors for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and other sophisticated vessel control systems. Our laser and radar Artemis, CyScan®, RadaScan®, RadaScan® View and RangeGuard radar sensors can be integrated by all major DP manufacturers.

The advances in technologies have provided a platform for success in developing state of the art systems, but it is our passion, ambition and collective team ethos that are the heartbeat of the company. These technologies, our intellectual property and wealth of experience have enabled Guidance Marine to develop innovative, robust and reliable products that are capable of operating in the hazardous offshore environments. Guidance Marine has innovated the concept of microwave precision position sensing in the offshore DP market which historically was done purely by mechanical, acoustic, GPS or laser technologies.

A specialist in high-end engineering disciplines, with a presence in Louisiana, Brazil, UK and Singapore, we will always push the boundaries in the pursuit of maximising product potential. With a broadened and already impressive portfolio, we are committed to maintaining our position as a leading technology company, and we believe it is our products that will shape the future.

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