Friction Stir Welding at Bayards

Bayards is among a select group of European innovative companies to boast a Friction Stir Welding Machine of this size and power.

This innovative FSW machine joins two aluminum pieces at the joint by mechanically intermixing them, using friction heat instead of melting. Traditional arc welding often leads to material deformation due to weld shrinkage. However, our friction stir welding process results in minimal distortion preserving the original characteristics of the metal much better than is possible with arc welding of aluminium.

Key benefits of our friction stir welding technique:

  • Joints with high strength, devoid of impurities or inclusions.
  • Nearly stress-free joints when using optimal profile shapes with FSW joints in the neutral axis, resulting in minimal distortion
  • A smooth surface.
  • Faster and more efficient production.
  • Significantly reduces the need for fairing, leading to significant reductions in weight and post-processing man-hours.

Our machine handles materials up to 30 mm thick, spanning dimensions of 18000 x 3400 mm in a single pass. For materials thicker than 30 mm, our advanced machine seamlessly welds up to 55 mm from both sides.

Discover how our cutting-edge friction stir welding technology can revolutionize your construction of workboats, crew transfer vessels, or ferries.

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