Our business is built around two core competencies: gathering accurate data and producing accurate solutions.

We focus on the engineering and design of construction systems for complex, large structures, providing accurate parts for CNC cutting and comprehensive assembly instructions. As a further level of support, we provide analysis services for the strength assessments of structural details and assemblies. Together, these services let designers concentrate on the complete design whilst we support them with the complexities.

Our second focus is on capturing 3D information for large and complex structures. Recording current/as-built surveys with our flexible 3D laser scanners we have worked on projects as diverse as HMS Victory to the mezzanine floor for Kings Cross Western concourse, offshore windfarm support catamarans to recording the plasterwork in Leicester square, or glacial ice-caves to the measuring the fish-holds of trawlers in Shetland.

With our extensive work in these areas we have over fifteen years of experience in the measuring, modelling and manufacture of complex shapes and structures.