Dance of the Retrievers – Alpha’s Workboats on the Rise

The circle closes as the AMS Retriever Mark I moves on and AMS Retriever Mark II takes her place!

DSB Offshore’s involvement began back in June when we were asked by Alpha Marine  to propose some Multicat-type sales candidates for consideration as part of their fleet renewal process. The prime candidate turned out to be the HST Hazel, a 2021 built Damen Multicat 2309 with 15tbp and Heila HLRM 140-4S deck crane – ideally suited to a range of operations including anchor handling, ploughing, towing and supply services.

At the same time, DSB were appointed as Exclusive broker by Alpha Marine to sell the first AMS Retriever, a 1997 Built Damen Shoalbuster 2409. She was sold a couple of months back to a Dutch vessel operator who plan to utilise her for plough operations and as support to their dredging fleet.

After a lot of effort and goodwill from all parties involved in the transaction, it is fantastic to finally see the HST Hazel, now the second AMS Retriever, in the Alpha Marine fleet and we wish her the best of luck for the future.