Our expertise is focussed on the design and manufacture of high performance window wipers for the Marine Industries.

There is no built in life expectancy in our marine window wipers, indeed they have been designed to last the lifetime of a vessel, crane etc. This is reflected in the 3-year Warranty we offer on our marine wipers to customers and for the special services of the MOD and the RNLI this is extended to a Lifetime Warranty. DuroWiper Pantographs and Pendulums have a Patented twin drive rotary transfer box which gives a remarkable smooth, powerful and reliable performance, this is complimented by the extensive use of AISI 316 Stainless Steel throughout our machines, for it’s durability and anti-corrosive qualities. With our innovative design and the use of quality materials, we know our customer will have many years of maintenance free superior performance from their DuroWipers.