Adaptable wipers for any market

A great quality product is adaptable to a multitude of markets and that’s the case with DuroWiper systems. Proving that its wipers are much more than just a ‘marine product’, the firm recently supplied a DuroWiper system for the new observation tower at the MoD’s Castlemartin Tank range.

Castlemartin Observation Tower IMG_0965(1) website


The wiper contract was for one External system supplied to Trueform Ltd, a specialist civil engineering and reinforced concrete structures contractor, employed to build the new tower at the range. Darren Thompstone, MD Trueform Ltd, said that work on the new tower started on site in February this year and was completed in early August.

“We demolished the existing building and built the new tower,” he said. “The range is used for live firing of tanks and armoured vehicles, so the wiper is used to keep the windows clear.”

This the first time that Trueform has worked with DuroWipers as an equipment supplier, but the wiper was specified by the firm’s architect on the strength of its reputation. Mr Thompstone said that Trueform will be working with DuroWipers again to equip another tower planned in 2022.


Ideal solution

Where internal space is an issue, the DuroWipers External system is an ideal solution and is available in pantograph or pendulum form. The wiper is sealed inside a heavy-duty waterproof pod manufactured from 3mm and 5mm AISI 316 stainless steel or aluminium and powder coated to BES 005 Section 22 in most colours. This pod can be mounted above or below the window, with the bracket either bolted or welded to the bulkhead. The pod is then bolted to the bracket with M10 A480 stainless steel fasteners. The armoured electrical cable from the pod is connected to an externally mounted junction box on the bulkhead. This system is particularly favoured for retro fitting to military vessels as there is minimal disturbance to the internal bulkhead.

Castlemartin Observation Tower IMG_0966 (002)


All DuroWiper systems have the unique patented twin drive shafts and rotary mechanism giving a smooth and powerful stroke. Each stroke accelerates and decelerates giving blades and arms a longer life.

Quality assurance

DuroWipers offers extended and lifetime warranties for its wiper systems which the RNLI, the MoD and the Royal Navy have all taken advantage of.

The company has a world-class reputation in the marine industry, not least because it has supplied all newbuild Shannon lifeboats for the RNLI. The last two vessels in the rebuild programme were delivered to Waterford and Pwllheli earlier this year.