GPLink is a non-obtrusive, easily installed solution for vessel resource management, including the ability to capture maximum fuel efficiency whilst maintaining organisational effectiveness and highest energy conservation possible.

Features to remotely monitor & protect your high horsepower systems include identifying baselines, improvement/efficiency opportunities, best practices, consumption and near real-time anomaly notifications via email, text and/or phone call. GPLink uses affordable dual band gsm/satellite technology to provide year over year data supporting reduction in fuel consumption and downloadable data/reports proving SEEMP compliance efforts. Onshore administration can utilise data for recordkeeping by job, shift, day, week, etc. for simple invoicing.

GPLINK is the only system that provides instant notifications 24/7/365 for a user’s specific trouble areas, such as:

- Overspeeding in defined areas

- Operating in company prohibited areas

- Leaving scheduled job late/early

- Pushing docks/excessive idles/not shutting down engines when required

- Excessive RPM’s or fuel burn

- Deviating from prescribed pathways.

Monitoring and troubleshooting your assets remotely has never been easier, and GPLink can be configured to monitor the data points that matter most to you. Whether you manage a single vessel or a vast fleet, GPLink is an invaluable tool designed to minimize or eliminate unplanned downtime and increase your bottom line.