Q-SPD Surface drive lands for Seawork

Hypro Marine have taken delivery of the Q-SPD (q speed) QSD102 Surface Drive which will be on display at Seawork - Visit Hypro Marine on stand H31

Q-SPD is a unique propulsion solution that departs from the traditional idiosyncrasies and common perceptions about surface drives, bringing modern thinking and technologies into the design and application of a truly new breed of high performance boat propulsion.

Despite Q-SPD’s simple and clean appearance the innovative design puts all vulnerable components inboard away from the elements. With less moving parts there is naturally less to go wrong, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. When we don’t hear from our customers, we know it’s a good thing.

By design, Q-SPD can be applied to a more diverse range of applications than other surface drive including low, medium and high speed vessels.

Surface drives are the most efficient form of propulsion for high speed craft. That’s a known! Q-SPD, by design, offers a surface piercing alternative that eliminates traditional compromises commonly experienced with other surface drives yet brings the same high performance characteristics one expects from surface drive technology, along with many unique and real advantages in a user friendly bundle…..The Q-SPD Advantage.

The Q-SPD Advantage
  • Light weight composite construction
  • Higher speed –up to 30% more than fixed propeller
  • Use less fuel – proportional to speed increase
  • Fast acceleration and easy transition
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Excellent tracking at all speeds
  • Super quiet and smooth
  • Lowest and easiest maintenance
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Minimal servicing – longer service intervals
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • User friendly easy operation – no trim operation required
  • Positive and predictable steering
  • Shallow Draft

Composite Design
Q-SPD ‘s unique main body design is a monocoque composite structure, molded using resin infusion of Eglass and carbon fibre fabrics, in an epoxy matrix, that is temperature cured to create a very accurate part. This mean a very light weight single structural component that is non-corrosive, super strong, robust and reliable.

Using light weight composite technologies offers the ability to Style and Form enhanced features that overcome many of the traditional surface drive compromises, as well as eliminating many complexities like trim control, which are simple not needed, hence eliminating vulnerability and reducing maintenance.

Lightweight and Compact
Q-SPD’s composite construction contributes to a very lightweight solution. Up to 50% lighter than other equivalent systems. Q-SPD is much shorter in installed length then other surface drive so fits more neatly away under the platform without compromising waterline length. Q-SPD is actually shorter and offers shallower draft than an equivalent stern drive.

Steering and Maneuverability
Q-SPD drive and propeller design to offers better low speed operation without the need for propeller trim functions or other assistance that other drives need. Q-SPD’s contoured under body design promotes better thrust at low speeds both forward and reverse, so enhancing maneuverability and reverse performance. Clients have told us that maneuverability is better than their previous experiences with conventional shafts and stern drives. Low speed operation is predictable and positive and again no need for the addition of trimming propellers.

Q-SPD’s twin rudder design offers very responsive steering at all speeds. In fact so good that in many applications rudder angles needs to be limited at high speed for crew safety. The rudders are always in hard water flow rather than in propeller wash so tracking is extremely positive at all speeds and there is none of the rudder vibration feedback common with trailing rudders.

Easy Acceleration
One notable ability of Q-SPD is to achieve very easy and quick acceleration. Q-SPD uses exhaust and passive air ventilation to provide the correct amount of propeller ventilation at all times. No need for adding vent pipes, no need for vent grills in swim platforms to get enough air to the props and no need for propeller trim operation to get out of the whole. Just push the lever and go, easier and faster on to the plane.

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