Shark: the most affordable, comfortable and safe option for suspension boat seats

Hypro Marine are the UK distributor for Shark seats. Variations of the range can been seen on stand H31 throughout Seawork.

Affordable, comfortable and safe suspension seats for boats
At shark it is all about you and your safety. Our mission is to save your neck, back, knees and ankles with the most comfortable suspension seating possible and save your budget at the same time.

Simplicity and Quality meets Hi-tech
The simple design combined with hi-tech tooling and robotics provide a consistent, quality result every time. This investment on our part ensures the best quality, price and on-time delivery for you. There is also nothing to rust, no coatings to peel, just high-tech UV-protected Flexanite™ with colour that is molded all the way through.

LUXE includes, high back, flippable armrest, lap belt and foot pegs, optional FIX plinth

All weather Ultra seat on FLEX suspension unit with optional FIX plinth

Peak Performance, Independently Tested
Regular suspension seats for boats which use scissor action or telescopic designs have crush points and aren’t able to match the 9″ range of motionand 3D protection in every direction unique to shark Flex. This is handy because waves don’t just throw you up and down. With just one moving part, Flex is more reliable and easier to service than anything else out there. In fact Flex has been tested to stringent Nato standards and easily survives 1 million test impacts at 10G.

The new FLEX-pod suspension unit – super light and compact

Comfortable and Attractive
Shark suspension seats are more than just an ultra-light and robust gadget to save your back. They are comfortable and look great while doing it too. Thanks to elegant design and huge 225mm of vertical travel, your back is protected, even over the biggest waves.

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we have combined this large travel with our energy absorbing foams to make it feel like you are riding on a cloud.

The saddle shape of the seat also keeps you anchored and feeling secure, you never feel like you will be thrown off, not even sideways. The seat pommel supports you sideways so securely that you can relax your arms and concentrate on more important things like controlling the boat or enjoying the ride.

Shark seats are made to last because your safety comes first. This is why we test our suspensions 5 different ways (life tests, crash tests, drop tests, pull-tests and field trials) to make sure they stay tough when the seas are rough.

Our commitment to you is to provide a safer and more enjoyable boating experience and make that accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of your boat or budget or where you are. Trust shark and you will never look back.