Air/Oil Heat Exchangers with AC, DC, or hydraulic motor drives.

Cooling solutions with quality assured, designed to meet your specific application requirements. 

Supplied with aesthetics, reliability and safety as our prime focus, suitable products exists for all industry applications.

Air/oil heat exchangers with AC, DC, or hydraulic motor drives. Heat dissipation up to 4.35kW/°C. Construction materials of aluminium or copper and steel. Working pressure up to 26 bar. Maximum working temperature 120°C.

Options with integrated tank for closed loop hydraulic systems. Suitable for use with mineral oils, water emulsions and water glycols.  For alternative fluids please contact jbj Techniques Limited technical office.

Separate series for offline cooling circuits where pressure spikes occur within the main hydraulic circuit.

Combination coolers allow the cooling of both oil and water circuits within mobile applications.

Fan drives for vehicle cooling systems supplied with fully programmable electronic control unit.

ATEX certification for suitable units on request.

Applications: marine, industrial, construction, agriculture, railway, hydraulic equipment, automotive, compressors, power generation.

Satisfy a variety of industrial cooling requirements with a choice of solutions available from jbj.

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