JW Automarine and our distinctive yellow bags are the original, industry standard for water weight load test bags & subsea/surface buoyancy and air lift bags.

Using Radio Frequency welding techniques on PVC & fabrics, our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team makes JW Automarine products the choice for safety, quality, durability and value.

We are now offering our water weight load test bags and air lift bags through a developing, global network of JWA Rental depots, also offering JWA trained servicing and support to keep end user assets compliant and safe.

In addition to our JWA Marine & JWA Rentals divisions, JWA Custom supplies a wide range of engineering and scientific solutions including gas containment bags, RoV skid bags and chemical tanks.

JWA Forces produces digitally controlled ordnance recovery systems, re breather lungs and emergency water dams for fire-fighting to name just a few products.

JW Automarine Company Presentation 2024_Page_4

JW Automarine Company Presentation 2024

JWA has grown to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of Marine underwater airbags and technical solutions for salvage and deployment.