Industry insights with Lloyd’s Maritime Academy:

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS WITH LLOYD’S MARITIME ACADEMY: What''s next for the shipping industry?

The shipping industry is changing. New technologies are opening up new opportunities for the industry, but also new challenges. Greater levels of automation mean that we have the opportunity to streamline supply chains and improve efficiency, but unsecured cyber networks can also leave ships open to digital interference.

Lloyd's Maritime Academy have launched three new courses this year to help students get a tailwind on their development. Make sure your business is making the most of the developments in shipping.

Certificate in Big Data in Shipping
Starts 24 October
More data is being generated and processed than ever before in the shipping industry. Gain an insight into how to maximise the benefit of using big data.

Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Shipping
Starts 4 December
The rise of automation has led to a demand for AI in shipping. Learn more about predictive maintenance, intelligent scheduling, and real time analysis.

Certificate in Maritime Cyber Security
Starts 4 December
In light of increased digitalisation and greater data driven measures, cyber-attacks are on the increase. Safeguard your ships by understanding the risk.

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