PINPOINT is a distributor of high quality navigation, radio tracking and marine safety equipment.

We pride ourselves in being a certified Farsounder agent; Farsounder is a 3D forward looking phased array sonar that is designed to detect submerged objects at a range of up to 1000m ideal to increase safe navigation. We also represent Weatherdock's who are world leaders in innovative AIS technology. Their product range includes SOLAS approved rescue beacons, Class B devices and live radio tracking units used for fishing buoys, divers and inshore vessels. The quality of Weatherdock's technology is endorsed by a growing number of government and military organisations.

Pinpoint is also the exclusive commercial UK distributor, and European agent, for Life Cell Marine Safety and Sea Machines.

Life Cell is a SOLAS approved novel Life Saving device. It redefines how safety equipment is stored on board and will save lives. Our product range also includes complementary safety and electronic navigation equipment such as life jackets, flares, life rafts, pilot jackets, EPIRBs and PLBs.

Sea Machines' industrial-grade systems are easily installed aboard existing commercial vessels, or can be included in new-build packages. They are specially designed to enable remote and autonomous operations of all types of commercial vessels.