Long-term partnerships, service agreements and an understanding of the ‘life-time value’ of customer relationships is at the heart of The SMS Group’s growth and this recent investment in diving and sub-surface engineering.

The SMS Group has an enviable reputation as specialists in ship repair, marine engineering and major fabrication projects in the Commercial Marine, Defence, Cruise and Superyacht sectors.

The SMS Group, for many years, has supported its core customer base with diving and sub-surface engineering with equipment and Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) based in Dover, Kent.

To improve response times and customer service the business has invested in new plant and equipment, and relocated legacy equipment, to create four new sub-surface ‘hubs’.

Led by John Webb and Danny Tolhurst the business has created four new Diving and Sub-Surface Engineering ‘Hubs’ at its existing marine engineering bases in Dover, Lowestoft, Portsmouth and Avonmouth, whilst simultaneously expanded its subcontract diving database of SQEP.

John Webb, Diving and Technical Manager, said: “The provision of support to core SMS customers around the Group is very, very important.

“To better look after our existing customers we’re proud and pleased to make this investment. It’s great news at the right time.”

He goes on to say: “Our service offering remains exactly the same.

“It includes pre-purchase surveys, hull inspections, underwater fitting and machinery, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) testing and Ultrasonic testing.

“It also includes crack detection, planned and emergency diving support, Cathodic protection survey and renewal, in-water surveys, repairs and installations, bespoke plant hire and heavy engineering equipment with barges, jack-ups, pontoons, safety and workboats.

“Propeller clearing, fouled running gear and underwater situation assessments, salvage and damage assessments, class extension inspections, utilities infrastructure, repair and maintenance, power stations, reservoirs and outflows, ROV deployment and ‘live’ data inspections as well as contaminated water diving.

“Services also include the provision of CSWIP accredited divers to 3.1 and 3.2 levels, and lock gate, dock gate and cofferdam manufacturing and installation.”

John added: “It’s a broad offering that is now supported by a larger geographical network.

“We’ve moved the diving offering from ‘local’ to ‘national’, and it’s been very well received by both new and existing customers.”

The SMS dive team has commercial, defence, in-shore and off-shore diving experience with specific quayside/ports and harbour marine civils capability.

The business provides 24/7 support, from seven locations in the UK.

Contact John Webb and Danny Tolhurst for more details. John is on +44 (0) 7767 347 808 and Danny is on +44 (0) 7988 101 202 and