TT is a renowned manufacturer of smart piping solutions.

TT is a renowned manufacturer of smart piping solutions and has been a reputable partner in processing pipes for more than five decades. During this time we have acquired comprehensive experience in the mechanical working and machining of pipes. One thing to have emerged from this is the system for processing media-bearing pipes: PIPE BENDING SYSTEMS. This reflects our core competence: Thinking in terms of system solutions for the processing of pipes. The best system for single-part and small-series production with great product variety.

Automated fabrication of template pipes

Fabrication of template pipes is one of the most cost-intensive job routings in the shipbuilding or plant engineering industry. The whole production process, from taking measurements of the planned pipe course, making a pattern or wire mockup, processing the data of the pipe geometry, manufacturing the pipe, verification of the fitting up to the final installation, is difficult and accompanied by high expenses and an extreme time requirement. In order to economize these processes TRACTO-TECHNIK has developed an automated system solution, which is unique in the world