WaterMota has been supplying the marine industry with engine room packages since 1911.

WaterMota was established at the Pembroke Engineering Works at Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames in 1911 by Walter Fair as a subsidiary of Rigbys a London gunsmith where he was the manager.

The first engines produced by the company were American Waterman two stroke inboard and outboard engines built under licence, similar in appearance to the copper jacketed K1 and K2 engines which were eventually developed by Fair.

However, one of the many innovative products produced by WaterMota in the initial years was a variable pitch propeller which could be set to allow speed, ahead, astern and neutral by altering the propeller’s pitch.

This was a much improved version of the original variable pitch propeller thought to have been patented in 1895 and was in production until the late 1990s.