Dacon has for more than 30 years been developing and manufacturing man overboard rescue equipment for all types of vessels and smaller boats. We have supplied our Dacon Rescue Systems to operators all over the world. Our Products include:

The focus has always been on man overboard recovery systems, and with 40 years in the industry we have both the experience and the know-how. The equipment is designed to minimize risk to crew, whilst maximizing the chance of a successful rescue. Dacon`s rescue products are manufactured in Norway, with an international distributor network supplying to clients all over the globe. Since 2010, Dacon Rescue Equipment has been delivered to more than 50 countries.

Dacon Rescue Scoop – boom or crane operated rescue net for rough weather rescue

Dacon Rescue Basket – Rugged rescue basket for 6 or 8 persons

Dacon Rigid Scrambling Net – Rigid, non-slip climbing aid

Dacon Rescue Frame – Manual rescue net for smaller craft

Dacon Rescue Dummy – Probably the most realistic rescue dummy in the market

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