Ecocoast, founded by two Australian entrepreneurs with now offices in the United Arab Emirates and UK, is a global leader in engineered products for the protection of coastlines and waterways.

The business is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and distributing globally a range of marine products for coastal and marine protection, demarcation and navigation. Early 2020, Ecocoast acquired Bolina, the European leader in marine safety, security and environment booms for inland waterways, dams and critical infrastructure.

Its product portfolio includes:

  • Silt curtains to control silt and sediment during dredging, construction or reclamation activities.
  • Oil booms to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge.
  • Geosynthetic containers for coastal protection or temporary marine structures.
  • Environment booms for pollution control in sensitive areas, such as industrial sites, nature reserves, marinas, dams or water intakes.
  • Safety and security booms for the protection of commercial ports, naval bases, force protection and many other critical sites.

Through developing engineered products for a better marine environment, Ecocoast will achieve its mission of solving the world’s most pressing marine problems and creating a more pioneering marine industry.

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