Incat Crowther is a diversified marine design business with offices in Sydney, Australia; Lafayette, USA; Eastleigh, UK.

The company has a 40-year history with over 700 vessels in service to its designs. The company has a rich history of firsts, having developed the wave piercing catamaran and pioneering the use of catamaran passenger vessels in the tourism and commuter sectors. More recently, the company has been at the forefront of the use of catamaran hull forms in offshore vessels, as well as the continual evolution of monohull crew vessels with industry leading efficiency and performance.

The company’s diverse product portfolio includes monohull, catamaran and trimaran hullforms serving a vast range of sectors, including commercial, recreational, military and passenger. Construction materials include composite, aluminium and steel construction, with the company possessing leading-edge engineering experience in all materials.

Incat Crowther offers a full range of services, ranging from preliminary design and operational studies through to full functional design packages including 3D systems design. The company has a world-class network of suppliers and shipyards which combine to provide the optimal outcome for a project with minimal technical risk.