THE NATIONAL WORKBOAT ASSOCIATION (UK) was formed in 1994 so that the Members could have a say in the formulation of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Workboat Code of Practice.

This proved to be an extremely beneficial move from the members point of view since the Associations representatives were able to offer practical guidance and detailed constructive criticism of the views being put forward in the working groups. It is fair to say that had Workboat Owners not been able to present their views the finished Code would not have been a representation of the Industries work practices and overall safety standards.

Since the Workboat Code became Law, Owners have found some anomalies and suffered misinterpretation of the Code by various interested parties. In these circumstances the Workboat Association have been able to play their part in resolving the difficulties on behalf of Owners.

The Association has also played its part in the new Harmonised Code and has been successful in keeping Members interests at the forefront of any proposed changes.

On this site you will find details of the Members and Committee, which you can access using the menu.