NR Predator

NR Marine is thrilled to share the latest update on the eagerly anticipated NR Predator build. The vessel is not just a project; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

The NR Predator has reached a significant milestone, with key components seamlessly coming together:

Engines and IPS Legs: Installed and humming with power, ensuring optimal performance on the open sea.

Name and Livery: The vessel’s identity has taken shape, proudly displayed for all to see. The distinctive livery adds a touch of elegance to this formidable predator of the seas.

Galley and Internal Panelling: The heart of the vessel is taking form with the installation of the galley and internal panelling, promising both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Delivery on the Horizon:  Anticipation is building as the NR Predator is on schedule for delivery in March 2024. This state-of-the-art marvel is set to make waves and is already available for charter.

Charter Inquiries
For those eager to experience the NR Predator first hand, charter inquiries can be directed to Owen:

Email:  | Phone: 07860771998

Explore the Vessel: For a comprehensive look at the NR Predator’s specifications, visit our website:

NR Marine invites enthusiasts, industry partners, and the maritime community to stay tuned for further updates as the NR Predator prepares to embark on its maiden voyage.