Russian governmental services relying on the robustness of OXE Diesel

The first batch of OXE Diesel Engines (10x OXE175) has been delivered to the Russian Rescue Service. Commissioning of the engines is currently undergoing under the supervision of OXE Marine AB distributor Dizel Export LLC.

First batch of OXE175 outboard engines has been delivered to the Russian Rescue Service by OXE Marine AB distributor Dizel Export LLC. The long service life, high power and low fuel consumption of the OXE Diesel, combined with the advantages of outboard motors makes the OXE Diesel an excellent solution for multipurpose search and rescue operations.

After commissioning, the first boats will serve in the waters of the Russian Federation. The boats will be equipped with twin OXE175 engines for extended redundancy and manouverability.

“This is a great result of joint cooperation with the Russian Rescue Service and the teamwork done by Diesel Export LLC”, says Dmitry Novikov, project manager, "Dizel Export" LLC.

The advantages and technical solutions offered by OXE Diesel have become the foundation for the development of relations and cooperation with the Russian Rescue Service for Dizel Export LLC.

We appreciate the trust the customer demonstrates into the innovative and unique technology applied on the OXE Diesel Outboards. The support provided by our Russian distributor, Dizel Export LLC for the test and validation period has been instrumental to secure this order. I have no doubts this will be the first of many more orders to come from Russian governmental and commercial customers as the OXE Diesel continues to prove being a product specifically designed to the needs of these customers.”, says Ralf Losch, CCO at OXE Marine AB.

Governmental bodies such as customs, coast guard, police, fire fighting etc. all benefit from safe, efficient, flexible and reliable means of marine operations. On the water, there have been few alternatives to petrol outboards to combine speed, durability and flexibility.