The OXE300 has successfully concluded its certification run for EPA and IMO emission test.

OXE Marine AB (“the Company”) has successfully conducted certification run with its OXE300 production engine.

All required test reports and supplementary documentation for the EPA application process have been forwarded and received by EPA for their effective handling towards the issuance of certificate for commercial and recreational use. The application is for EPA and IMO (for US flagged vessels). IMO (for international) and RCD will follow later as it is a separate process by DNV-GL.

“Developing the engine hardware and software calibration for the successful homologation process has been a challenge for all involved in the project. The target for the emissions and fuel consumption were already set in the planning phase of the OXE300 project. It is very satisfying to see that the project team has managed to meet emission levels and still excel the targeted fuel consumption”, says Per Wigren, CTO.

The EPA are at the forefront for establishing the most stringent standards in effect today. Exhaust performance and testing requirements put the responsibility on the manufacturer to design and establish the most advanced engine control technology available.

The Company strives to meet and exceed these demands in all its products. It developed the first EPA certified high powered outboard in the OXE200 in 2016. The OXE300 is no exception - It is powered by the BMW group’s state of the art automotive 3 litre, six cylinder bi-turbo diesel engine, producing 300hp at the propeller and 502ft-lb torque at the crank. It is by far the most fuel efficient outboard engine currently available in this power range. Compared to a similarly powered gasoline engine, it consumes 44% less fuel whilst extending the operating range by up to 79%.