​Teignbridge India PVT Ltd is proud to have supplied these two Wadia built 19m Pilot Boats.

Teignbridge India PVT Ltd is proud to have supplied these two Wadia built 19m Pilot Boats.  The contract speed of 18 to 20kn was easily exceeded with an impressive 22kn achieved during the sea trials.

The shaftline and propellers benefited from the partnership of advanced designs from Teignbridge UK and high quality manufacture at our wholly owned foundry and factory in Vadodara, India.

The boats were built under IRS Classification and fitted with twin 1000mm diameter x 4 blade skewed Aquaquad design propellers and a 75mm shaftline.

Wadia has posted the below video of one of the pilot boats : ABS Dhruva

19 M Pilot Boats is designed and built at Bilimora, Gujarat India, by A. H. Wadia Boat Builders.
These Vessels meets the requirements set by Indian Register of Shipping and is registered as RSV Type 4 Vessel of MS Act.
Hull is fabricated in steel and Superstructure is in Composite. Boats were able to achieve speeds above 22 knots. Unique hull form is responsive and easily maneuverable. Custom accommodation layout is spaciously arranged for 8 Crew members. Engine room accomodates 2 750 HP Main Diesel Engines and 2 Diesel Generators. Completed 2 vessels ABS Dhruva and ABS Danika in time and delivered on March 2021.

Please contact Teignbridge India for propellers and shaftlines designed in the UK and made in India  sales@teignbridge.in