Teignbridge is excited and proud to be celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year.

Founded in 1974 Teignbridge rapidly developed into one of the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of propellers and sterngear for leisure, superyacht, military and commercial markets.

With a long history of innovation and reliability Teignbridge has brought a number of new materials and products to the marine market. Probably the most profound was the introduction of F51 Duplex stainless steel under the brand name of Temet25. This high performance shaft material was soon adopted by UK production boat builders and has become the material of choice used in all market sectors across the globe. Teignbridge developed specialist propeller designs to suit each of the major markets from quiet, smooth propellers for Superyachts to high speed high performance propellers for interceptors and OPV’s. The arrival of the C’Foil design marked a step change in propeller designs. Focussed on high speed applications it has an improved, anti-cavitation, blade section shape which increases thrust and improves propeller performance and efficiency. Independent computer modelling and numerous comparative sea trials have shown that this ground breaking design generates more thrust and efficiency compared to standard propeller designs, providing the operator with an improvement in performance and fuel economy.

Teignbridge was fortunate to win a £3m investment from the UK Government ‘Energy Technologies Institute’ (ETI) to research and develop improved propeller efficiency to reduce the CO2 emissions of the UK Fleet. The ETI was 50% Government and 50% industry funded and provided the investment for Teignbridge to form a highly qualified and experienced design team to take on this challenge. It also funded world-class hardware and software such as the Siemens Star CCM+ CFD software. The legacy of this project is that the team, the hardware and software are all available to provide today’s customers with propeller designs that benefit from the knowledge gained.

Teignbridge has a long and proud record of continuous investment. Manufacturing methods have moved on a lot over 50 years and the arsenal of machines used today would not be recognised by the pioneers of the Company 50 years ago. Advanced CNC lathes and mills, 3D scanning, 3D printing, robotic sand milling and CNC machining of propeller blades to better than S Class are key features of today’s Teignbridge facility. In addition to technological advances, Teignbridge has invested in facilities, expanding the UK plant a number of times to accommodate new technology which continues today with the on-going building of a new factory at it’s HQ in Newton Abbot. The Dubai Warehouse, Machine Shop, Propeller Repair and Sales Office provides vital services to the Gulf region. The strategic addition of a foundry and factory in India and the latest addition of a factory in Batam, Indonesia underline the truly international support that Teignbridge provides for its customers.

Teignbridge UK is the only marine propeller and sterngear foundry and factory in the UK to have ISO9001:2015 accreditation. The wholly owned factory in India also has this accreditation.

As Teignbridge looks forward to another 50 years in the marine propulsion industry, our focus is on new technologies. Customers are relying on Teignbridge to provide increased fuel economy, improved range, hybrid and electric propulsion solutions, solar powered vessels, alternative fuels and environmental considerations. The Company has the experience, technology, hardware and software to meet these challenges now and into the future.