We have been a world leading designer and manufacturer of propellers and shaftlines for over 40 years. Our high performance C’Foil design provides anti-cavitation characteristics, whilst delivering unrivalled maximum performance.

We manufacture propellers from 350mm to 2550mm diameter using our advanced CNC lathes which are exported throughout the world.

Globally only a handful of companies genuinely possess the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce high quality submerged and surface piercing custom propellers. Teignbridge is one of those companies. We design and manufacture propellers, shafts, couplings, sterntubes, shaft seals, bearings, rudders, rudder tubes, tie-bars, glass- in P’Brackets, platform P’brackets, ‘A’brackets.

Teignbridge supplies the world’s leading boat builders, both leisure and commercial, production and custom builds. We manufacture high performance propellers, budget propellers, surface piercing propellers, thrusters, propellers for full displacement boats, tugs, supply vessels, super yachts, passenger ferries, small ships, work boats, patrol boats, rescue boats and submarines.

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