Teignbridge Propellers Collaborates with Waterdance

Tuesday the 14th of April 2020 — Teignbridge Propellers International // Teignbridge Propellers Int. Ltd. has collaborated with Waterdance to create its largest propeller for a fishing vessel. Waterdance have commented that during rigorous testing of the RINA approved propeller, the results exceeded their expectations.

Teignbridge has proudly completed the supply of the propeller for the first new Beam Trawler to join the UK Fishing fleet for almost twenty years. When Teignbridge was approached by a Dutch-based Shipyard, requesting a high quality and high-performance custom-designed propeller that was able to provide in excess of 20 tonnes bollard pull and a top speed of 10

knots speed, we were happy to provide the support to achieve these targets

After a visit to the Shipyard, and in close collaboration with the designer, Teignbridge’s technical team was able to provide a propeller design solution that has exceeded the shipowners, Exeter based Waterdance Fishing Ltd., demands. The propeller designed and supplied by Teignbridge to the BM-100 Georgina of Ladram, is a 3.2 meter diameter, five-blade Teignbridge Skewed Kaplan design, with a finished weight of 2,396 kg and approved by the Classification Society, RINA. The propeller was cast from nickel aluminium bronze, Lloyds Grade CU3 - BS1400 AB2, then CNC machined and finished just 10 weeks after receipt of plan approval from RINA.

During her first sea trial, Georgina of Ladram was able to reach 23 tonnes bollard pull and a top speed of 11.5 knots, both exceeding expectations. This has been called a huge milestone for English fishing; ‘’Georgina of Ladram is the first new beam trawler to arrive at the South Devon harbour of Brixham for 30 years, making her delivery an undoubted milestone for the English fishing fleet.’’ – Fishing News

The owner of Waterdance, Rowan Carter, has commented:

“After a week of testing, sea trials, bollard pull tests and the necessary inspections, Georgina of Ladram demonstrated a 23 tonnes bollard pull and a top speed of 11.5 knots, both exceeding our initial expectations. The propeller supplied by Teignbridge provides fantastic performance for our vessel, and we would definitely recommend them.”