Uzmar’s two Rapide 4600 push boats are delivered to Hidrovias do Brasil S.A.

The RApide 4600 push boats which Turkey’s UZMAR Shipyard has built for Hidrovias do Brazil S.A. has left the yard for their maiden voyage.

Both vessels which UZMAR and Hidrovias do Brazil S.A. had a steel-cutting ceremony back in July 2021 have just set sail for Brazil last week. After successfully delivering eight diesel-electric shallow draft river push boats in 2014 - 2015; UZMAR Shipyard, also known as “Workboat and Tug Factory” of Turkey, was awarded with a contract for two more sister vessels with modernized design in 2021.

The new 46-meter-long push boats are specifically designed to push barge convoys; total length 299 meters, breadth 53 meters and 48 tonnes max deadweight on inland waterways. They will operate along rivers in northern Brazil, often in remote locations and challenging operating conditions.

Robert Allan Ltd. designed vessels are measuring 45.6m in LOA, with a breadth of 16.5m, and has bollard pull of 65 tonnes. The RApide 4600 series are diesel-electric triple-screw, shallow-draft vessels, and they are driven by three azimuth drive propellers in tunnels.

The hull, machinery casing, deckhouse, wheelhouse, and funnels are welded steel construction and the hull form is designed to incorporate a tunnel stern to permit the fitting of large-diameter propeller L- drive units to maximize propulsive efficiency in the shallow water environment. The diesel-electric power generation system comprises three resiliently mounted medium-speed generator sets. The engines are designed to operate on either Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Marine Gas Oil (MGO). The shallow draft constraint dictates that the utmost attention is going to be paid to weight control throughout the design and construction of every aspect of the vessel.

In order to meet demands for maneuverability, maximized fuel economy, and comply with the crash stop requirement, extensive analysis was performed by Robert Allan Ltd. As a result, the hull shape, tunnel geometry, and propulsive components have been optimized for those specific requirements.

Being a pioneer builder of signature projects, UZMAR Shipyard is proud to be involved in this innovative project as these diesel-electric push boats will raise the standards of efficiency and safety in the river transport industry.