The ocean is our protector, our provider and our playground. At Propspeed® we hold this mantra at the center of everything we do. It drives our innovative spirit to pioneer the future, to think outside the boat and to deliver you the confidence and pride in a brand and product line. We are dedicated to protecting the performance of your underwater assets.

Our customer centric and environmentally conscious philosophy are integral parts of our business and drive decision making on a daily basis. By connecting with the “why” of our customers and the industry, we have developed a business model and product range that is unrivalled and is the industry standard in foul-release coatings.

This mantra and our philosophy are turned into powerful action through the sheer uncompromised passion of each and every member of the Propspeed family. This passion, matched with world-class professionalism and a culture that strives for excellence, is paving the way for the future of our industry.

The foundation of what we do: Performance, Clean and Passion are the core pillars that define our business.

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    Propspeed is the original and premium foul-release coating, recognised globally as the best solution to prevent marine growth on running gear and all underwater metals. Our super slick coating system saves you time and money through increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.