Marine Contractors based in South East UK specialising in Marine Civil Engineering and Construction, Marine Heavy Lift, Dredging, Marine and Offshore Demolition, Salvage and Wreck Removal, International, Coastal and Harbour Towage, and Transport of Goods by Barge.

Tugs and multipurpose vessels, deployed in Distance Towage, Salvage, Dredging Support, Civil Engineering Support, and the Transport of Goods by Barge.

Operators of 30 barges including flat tops, elevator hoppers, split hoppers, crane barges and dry cargo barges.

Salvage and Wreck Removal team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, specialising in Wet Salvage and Wreck Removal using Floating Sheerlegs and removal of stranded vessels by refloating or eco friendly demolition on location.

Dredging equipment with the ability to undertake plough, agitation, backhoe and hopper dredging