At HamiltonJet, we pride ourselves on delivering one of the most advanced and innovative marine propulsion systems available today. 

Our waterjet technology stands at the forefront of propulsion innovation, boasting over 70 years of pioneering development. Originating from the adaptation of technology initially designed for shallow river operation, HamiltonJet has evolved to cater to the diverse needs of inshore and offshore vessels worldwide. With a remarkable track record of over 60,000 waterjets installed across the globe, our extensive experience allows us to grasp the varied conditions, challenges, and tasks that modern vessels encounter daily throughout their operational lifespan.

Furthermore, HamiltonJet sets the standard in industry leadership by offering unmatched expertise in collaboration with designers and boat builders, ensuring effortless installation and operation. Drawing upon our unparalleled application experience, we deliver precise performance predictions, ensuring that vessels not only meet but surpass their design criteria. Whether it’s waterjets, advanced electronic controls, or hybrid & electric solutions, HamiltonJet continues to lead the waterjet propulsion industry.

HamiltonJet operates through regional offices in the US, UK, and Singapore, supported by over 55 distributors worldwide. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and comprehensive support ensures that our solutions empower vessels to navigate any waters with confidence.


HamiltonJet - HJX Series Brochure

Introducing the HJX series – the next generation of our globally popular HJ waterjet range.