Norsafe is the global market leader in marine life-saving systems for the merchant and offshore markets.

Our wide product range covers most needs for lifeboats, rescue boats, daughtercrafts and davits:

Conventional lifeboats up to 140 persons.
Free fall lifeboats up to 90 persons.
Fast rescue boats up to 12 meters.
Military & Proffessional boats up to 12 meters.

Norsafe manufactures the largest free fall lifeboat in the world, certified for a drop height of 47 meters, and has also received several Design Awards for its products. Norsafe supplies and sells davits to fit all of our boats, but we also sell davits separately.

Norsafe, along with our global network of certified service agents, offer service globally. As part of the overall service concept, Norsafe offers training for service agents, crew, inspectors etc. at our training facilities in Norway.