Radamec Control Systems Limited (RCS) has been in operation over 50 years,

(previously NDC until 1985) and has an established reputation for quality approved marine control systems.

Radamec specialise in Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems (AMCS) with their Class Approved eSHIP system which is designed to provide a dependable and rugged system to solve monitoring and alarm needs on both new and refit vessels. Radamec’s other class-leading products include Commander Bridge Control System for Variable Pitch Propeller and Reversing Gearbox installations. With IP67 Throttle Levers in a compact size, Commander is in control on the RNLI Tamar Class Lifeboats.

Radamec has a long history providing reliable products to the Marine market with Support and Service provided by an experienced in-house team.

Radamec continues to supply and maintain a full range of products and solutions including Microshift and Servostep Bridge Control, Engine Safety Systems, Telegraphs, Tachometer Systems and Actuators.

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