Reygar is an innovative UK based marine engineering company providing remote monitoring and control systems.

Our award winning BareFLEET system remotely monitors vessel fuel use, engine health, vibration, navigational information, weather, vessel motion monitoring and impact. View live vessel data logger and get concise daily / monthly reports with the level of detail tailored to your audience.

BareFLEET helps you catch problems early, demonstrate you are operating vessels efficiently, and keep your customers and senior management informed. It can massively reduce your reporting burden.

BareFLEET fleet monitoring was category winner at the European Commercial Marine Awards 2017. The system is used by crew transfer, port authority, marine survey and marine construction operators throughout the UK and Europe.

Reygar also offers control systems including the StemTIDE dynamic positioning control system, for multi-engine waterjet or fixed/azi thruster vessels. We have a track record of delivering bespoke, highly functional control and monitoring systems at affordable cost.

If you are looking for simple solutions to complex control and monitoring problems, talk to us. We have over 30 years’ combined experience in marine systems engineering across a broad range of applications. We take pride in tackling difficult problems applying our technical knowledge and breadth of experience.