Robosys is a leading provider of AI Maritime Autonomy and Smart Shipping software with two decades of experience in the field.

We are a leading developer of autonomous marine systems including Advanced Autonomous Navigation (with collision avoidance, dynamic route optimisation and advanced perception systems), Remote and Autonomous Platform Control (including propulsion, transmission, steering, outside machinery and alarm management systems) and also Remote and Autonomous Payload Control, for government and commercial vessels and workboats.

Our Voyager AI software can transform a new or existing vessel into a fully autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel, capable of independent navigation, collision avoidance and dynamic route optimisation. We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide scalable levels of autonomy, up to and including full level 4 Autonomy.

In its simplest form, Voyager AI can also provide Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) support which is COLREGS compliant, for a vessel’s master to enhance the safety for lean crewed ships. At the next stage, as an “Intelligent” AutoPilot it can autonomously control a lean crewed ship. Or for USVs, Voyager enables both remote piloting and fully autonomous navigation and collision avoidance utilising the latest AI enabled vessel identification and perception systems.


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