Innovative AI driven autonomy solutions launched at ASX

Maritime autonomy navigational AI specialist, Robosys Automation, has launched its new product line up at the Autonomous Ship Expo 2023 at RAI, Amsterdam.

The new Robosys Voyager AI product line-up revealed AI driven maritime autonomy solutions that are specifically designed for a variety of vessel types and purposes. All Voyager AI solutions are vessel, propulsion, and sensor systems agnostic.

At the launch held at the Robosys’ exhibition stand at Autonomous Ship Expo in Amsterdam, Robosys’ CSO, Nigel Lee, stated that, “Robosys’ Voyager AI transforms a new or existing vessel into a fully autonomous Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). Furthermore, it is capable of independent navigation, collision avoidance and dynamic route optimisation.”

Nigel Lee continued, “Robosys uses cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide scalable levels of autonomy, up to and including full Degree 4 Autonomy, being capable of driving a vessel fully autonomously without human operator assistance or intervention.”

Robosys’ four solutions are: Voyager AI Bridge, Voyager AI Vessel, Voyager AI Survey, and Voyager AI Co-Pilot, providing intelligent autonomy solutions for ships, USVs, workboats, and most other craft, from 3 metres to 320 metres.

Voyager AI Bridge is designed for passenger vessels, commercial vessels, and lean-crewed vessels to 320 metres, which provides an integrated bridge system (IBS) solution, which a complete and scalable, API/SDK solution for OEMs.

This includes COLREGs compliant SmartAssistTM functionality, together with advanced situational awareness for both bridge and command teams.

It has integrated CADA capability and provides a scalable path to future full Degree-4 Autonomy. In addition, it has open APIs/SDKs for integration with ENC, Bridge and other Platform Control systems.

Voyager AI Vessel enables uncrewed, remote pilotage, and autonomous operations for vessels.

It is particularly attractive as a solution to craft whose crew undertake dull, challenging, or hazardous tasks, such as fire-fighting, interception, and asset protection.  It features advanced autonomous navigation and platform control through radar, AIS, perception system, sonar, LIDAR, and wider sensor integration to deliver autonomous collision, obstacle and grounding avoidance.

It also features advanced Situational Awareness and Decision Aid Support, with Waypoints and Routes following, together with Geo-Fencing and a Loss of Communications (LOC) functionality to deliver the vessel Back-to-Base. It is a middle-ware platform providing efficient data communications and is compatible with SATCOM, RF MENET and 4G/LTE, which can also be integrated with ENC Chart Plotter as Voyage Tracker.

Voyager AI Survey provides smart and cost-effective Degree Level-4 autonomous navigation for commercial oceanographic and hydrographic survey USVs.

Suitable for oceanographic, coastal, and offshore research, monitoring, and surveying it features entry-level autonomous navigation with collision avoidance, obstacle avoidance, and grounding avoidance, which is scalable to full Advanced autonomous navigation.

It delivers Routes and Waypoints planning and following, with Heading and Track Control.  Voyager AI Survey will also seamlessly integrate with most existing sensors.

Voyager AI Co-Pilot is an onboard virtual co-pilot, which commands, and controls. It is an Autonomous Pilot system that is linked to a vessel’s autopilot and propulsion control systems, together with the Radar, AIS, Perception System, and other desired sensors, creating integrated autonomous steering, propulsion and transmission control.

Through Robosys’ Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS) and Collision Avoidance (CA) AI and ML-based algorithms, Voyager AI Co-Pilot pilots the vessel along the planned track with real-time path and route optimisation.

It complies with COLREGs and enables a vessel to return to its destination through the utilisation of its SmartAssistTM and SmartPilotTM modes, whilst enabling the bridge teams to immediately accept or override its clearly defined decision aid recommendations.

Please contact Nigel Lee  to discuss how Robosys Automation can easily and swiftly enable your vessel or fleet to become autonomous.

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About RoboSys automation
Since 2002, Robosys Automation has been regarded as the world leader in maritime autonomy and smart shipping applications, delivering pioneering and intelligent navigation solutions to crewed, lean-crewed and autonomous vessels, USVs and ships, from 3m to 320m.
Robosys’ solutions include its ground-breaking VOYAGER AI software which transforms any motorised vessel into a fully autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV); which features independent navigation, collision and obstacle avoidance, anti-grounding and dynamic route optimisation.
In addition, Robosys offers numerous options to complement VOYAGER AI, including COLREGS-compliant Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) applications, to enhance the safety in the support of crewed and lean crewed watchkeepers. Other options include Voyager Platform Control providing Remote Steering, Engine Control and Propulsion Control, together with Voyager Platform Management, providing Alarm Monitoring, together with Switch & Relay Controlling.