Robosys Automation provides autonomy to new survey USVs

Robosys Automation has received a contract award from BRANKA Marine Robotics of Spain for their Voyager AI Surveyor software to go on board Branka’s latest, innovative solar powered, all electric drive, 6 Metre Oceanographic Survey USV, the Ranger 6.0 Electric.

Voyager AI Surveyor software will be integrated aboard the Ranger and with the Branka advanced marine communications and control solution that includes an immersive user experience in a modular Remote Operation Centre.

The electric version of the Ranger is the latest in the line of their new range of oceanographic survey USVs. It is being developed for a marine science and technology centre in Spain, to which BRANKA already delivered a smaller USV. The Ranger has a 100% electric propulsion with the capacity to generate its own energy through the proprietary photovoltaic encapsulation technology in composite that is integrated into the vessel’s deck structure.

BRANKA wanted to have a future proof integrated Remote and Autonomous maritime navigation and control solution that will provide Collision Avoidance, Obstacle Avoidance and anti- grounding and is capable of expanding as further sensors and systems are added in the future

Robosys Automation will be providing the Autonomous Remote Control and the Autonomous Navigation, including Collision Avoidance, Obstacle Avoidance and Anti-Grounding. The USV is convertible into a hybrid power system and sees Robosys integrating and customising their software with a custom-designed steerable single electric drive system developed in-house by BRANKA. In addition, Robosys Automation is providing an alarm and monitoring system as well as integrated switch and relay control.

Robosys Automation Chief Strategy Officer, Nigel Lee says “We are extremely pleased to be providing BRANKA. with their Remote and Autonomous Navigation software solution as well as supporting wider aspects of their platform control. BRANKA is leading the way in hybrid power and electric drive oceanographic survey USVs which aligns with Robosys Automation’s ethos’ of providing solutions that support a Safe, Sustainable and Smart Blue Ocean economy”.

Both Robosys Automation and BRANKA see the collaboration on this initial electric USV as part of a long-term partnership, given their synergies of operating within the blue economy and in response to the fast growing demand that Branka is experiencing. For further information, both Branka Marine Robotics Solutions and Robosys will be exhibiting at Ocean Business 2023.

For this programme the USV is due to complete build in April and to be fully operational by the end of June.


Remote Operation Centre for the Unmanned Surface Vessel - Branka Marine Robotics.