Suzuki is a manufacturer of an automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and outboard marine engines for the global market.

“The Ultimate Outboard Motor” indicates Suzuki’s resolution that everyone involved in Suzuki Outboards unites to provide customers with the utmost “excitement” and “satisfaction,” Suzuki’s innovative, industry-leading technology allows them to continue offering the world's No.1 outboard motors in terms of drivability, performance and reliability.

The engines used in Suzuki's range of four stroke outboards have always been designed solely for the rigours of marine use. This means that Suzuki outboards provide reliable, quiet and fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing power and performance. From the lightweight portable DF2.5 (2.5hp), to the remarkable power of the award-winning DF350A (350hp), Suzuki has an outboard for every application. The latest additions to the range are the robust, versatile and first in class to offer drive by wire, DF115BG (115hp) and DF140BG (140hp) models. With Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control Technology, Suzuki is again at the forefront, delivering class leading fuel efficiency that lets you spend more time on the water and less time at the fuel dock.

For the best in outboard power, look to the leader -Suzuki. Visit the Suzuki website at for more information.