Simple and convenient outboard servicing with Suzuki Dealer network and maintenance kits

Maintaining your Suzuki outboard with manufacturer Genuine Parts couldn’t be easier.

Suzuki were the first outboard manufacturer to launch a range of maintenance kits and since their creation in 2018 their popularity amongst the Dealer network and customers alike has grown incredibly, with an impressive 184% increase in sales volume over those years.

The Japanese manufacturer now offers complete maintenance kits for all of its outboards (2.5hp – 350hp). Each kit has the complete range of Suzuki Genuine Parts required for servicing your engine. There are 28 individual ‘off the shelf’ kits that are application specific for each engine category.

Using Suzuki maintenance kits when servicing your outboard motor through an Authorised Suzuki Dealer offers several benefits:

Suzuki maintenance kits typically contain all the necessary components required for routine servicing. This convenience saves time and effort by ensuring you have everything you need in one package.

Marine Service Kit

Quality assurance
Suzuki maintenance kits only contain parts that are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. By using Suzuki Genuine Parts, you can be confident that you are maintaining your outboard engine with components specifically engineered for optimal performance and longevity.

Suzuki maintenance kits are specifically tailored to fit Suzuki outboard motors, ensuring compatibility and proper fitment. Using Suzuki Genuine Parts helps maintain the integrity and reliability of your engine, minimising the risk of compatibility issues that may arise from using aftermarket components.

Performance optimisation
Regular maintenance using Suzuki maintenance kits helps keep your outboard motor running smoothly and efficiently. By using the recommended fluids, filters, and spare parts, you can optimise performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability, ensuring your outboard operates at its best.

Warranty compliance
Using genuine Suzuki maintenance kits can help ensure compliance with your outboard’s warranty requirements. Many warranties specify the use of genuine parts and fluids for maintenance and repairs to maintain warranty coverage. Using Suzuki maintenance kits helps safeguard your warranty and provides peace of mind.

Long-term cost savings
While genuine Suzuki maintenance kits may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to aftermarket alternatives, they can help prevent premature wear and damage to your engine. Research has shown, however, that Suzuki’s maintenance kits are priced very favourably in comparison to competitor brands.

By maintaining your engine with high-quality components, you can potentially avoid costly repairs and downtime in the long run, ultimately saving money over the life of your outboard.

Outboard Servicing

Outboard Servicing

Suzuki highly recommends that you service your outboard motor through an Authorised Dealer, every 100 hours or every year, whichever comes first. Using genuine Suzuki Maintenance Kits ensures everything is replaced as per the service requirements and that your outboard remains 100% Suzuki.

Booking your service couldn’t be easier. Suzuki has a network of 113 Authorised Dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. Boaters can find their nearest Dealer through the Suzuki website:

Suzuki’s network of expert Dealers and Service Technicians are fully trained and conversant in all of the latest technology contained within its outboards. They also have all of the specialist tools and facilities to service your outboard either within their workshops or on site at a marina or boatyard.

Having the right people fit the right parts to your Suzuki outboard is two-thirds of the story. The third factor to consider is the oils and lubricants used. Suzuki recommends MOTUL Outboard Tech 4T 10W40 Technosynthese®. This is a lubricant that is reinforced with synthetic base stocks, is specially designed for use in marine four stroke engines running in severe conditions.

The oil’s anti-fogging and clogging proprieties help to protect the engine when starting in cold temperature thus delivering superior engine protection. Its ingenious advanced formula also delivers high performance and fuel savings as well as supporting the engine’s lifespan through advanced cleaning properties.

There is an age-old adage that says, “you get out what you put in”. This can be used in a variety of scenarios and in this case, it is absolutely true. Your outboard’s performance, reliability and lifespan will be vastly improved by using the right components and processes when it comes to servicing.

When asked about servicing, Will Parkinson (Suzuki Fishing Team Captain) said, “I would always advocate going to an Authorised Suzuki Dealer for outboard servicing as well as insisting on the use of the genuine parts that are in the maintenance kits. They have got all the parts, know-how, training and equipment to do everything necessary to keep your Suzuki outboard in optimum shape.”