Oil Spill Recovery Vessel: Boat for Oil collection and harbour work

AISTER has built these two units for the recovery of possible oil spills in the Panama Canal outfitted with LAMOR equipment, large deck loading capacity and a layout that seeks the greatest comfort for the crew.

Technical Table
This model designed by AISTER for the Panama Canal Authority is 12.5 metres lenght and 4.2 metres beam and has been built in high quality marine aluminium. The vessel will work in the recovery of floating spills and the loading of solid waste on board, for which it has state-of-the-art Lamor equipment.

The boat has maximum manoeuvrability and its shallow draft, together with its tight beam and the stern drives propulsion, allows the boat to negotiate occasional areas of very shallow draft. In addition, its design facilitates access to the deck from both sides and from the stern.

In terms of safety, this Oil Spill Recovery Vessel, below deck, is divided into seven watertight compartments plus a double bottom of the cargo tank. It also has a man overboard recovery system.

The elevated wheelhouse has 360 degree visibility and offers complete visibility of the water peninsula. It has ample console space to house all types of equipment, although the boat comes fully equipped and automated for total control of the boat from the cabin by the pilot and co-pilot.

Lamor equipment and new port uses

The Oil Spill Recovery Vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art Lamor technology as well as a heavy-duty davit. The vessel is capable of removing 13 tonnes of spilled oil in 15 minutes.

The spill recovery functionality allows oily liquids of all viscosity ranges (from light to heavy ) to be extracted with minimal water infiltration. The process of loading and unloading the tanks is 15 minutes per operation, with very high safety standards for the operators. Lamor pumps can be operated both locally and remotely from the steering bridge.

The davit, on the port side, has a capacity of half a tonne and can carry out ship-to-ship loading. On deck, the space is equipped for the transport of personnel, anti-pollution barriers and the loading of solid waste in barrels or sacks.

These characteristics allow this unit to be operated for other uses, with minor equipment modifications. The vessel can be adapted for operator transport, port services, landing craft or river and harbour pusher.

The boat’s range is 100 miles, but can be extended to 400 miles according to the owner’s needs.

Comfortable working conditions at sea

The fitting out of the Oil Spill Recovery Vessel guarantees maximum safety and comfort for the crew. AISTER’s 30 years of experience in ship fitting out has facilitated this work.

The Oil Spill Recovery Vessel is designed to comply with ABYC and USCG regulations and its structure and services have been designed in accordance with Bureau Veritas regulations. At the request of the shipowner, it can be designed in versions for other regulations, such as the European one, or for different classification societies.

Thermal and acoustic insulation of the ship

The boat has fireproof insulation. The wheelhouse is air-conditioned with 32,000 BTU air conditioning and is soundproofed to a maximum of 60 dB. The windows are heated to prevent fogging.