Baltic Workboats AS has a strong track record for the design, build and delivery of steel and aluminum workboats for professionals around the world.

Customers around the world now depend on us to deliver highly capable and durable vessels that connect communities, support businesses, protect maritime borders, promote security, carry out search and rescue operations and deliver cutting edge scientific research. Our vessels and their management systems are carefully modified to the unique requirements of customers in different countries, including harbors, pilots, coast guards, police forces, fishery inspection teams and research institutions.

We have so far delivered over 150 vessels worldwide, from the UK to Ukraine and beyond, as well as virtually all Baltic Sea countries. Our most recent projects include 45 meter ice breaking ferries for Estonia, 26.5 meter patrol vessels for the Swedish Coast Guard and a cutting edge new research vessel for Stockholm University.

Some of our services include workboat building services, aluminium tug building & patrol vessel building.

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