Halyard, designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality, technically advanced equipment including:

  • Exhaust Systems & Accessories
  • SCR & DPF Aftertreatment systems
  • Hatches, Doors & Windows
  • Prop-shaft Systems
  • Noise & Vibration Control Equipment
  • Cranes, Davits & Passerelles
  • Environmental Protection Equipment

Established in 1979, Halyard has developed an international reputation as market leaders for providing customers with high quality, technically advanced equipment making boating more comfortable.

Managing engine noise, emissions, and vibration, as well as overboard discharges, is becoming increasingly important as we all become far more responsible for the impact we have on the environment and our surroundings.

With in-house design and manufacture of individual components through to complete exhaust systems, Halyard offers the most advanced products available with a range of standard and bespoke solutions designed to suit your needs. We specialise in both water-cooled and dry exhaust systems and can also provide DPF and SCR packages to meet the latest emissions requirements.

Whether you require a simple silencer, separator, hose, bellows, tube, connector, or a sophisticated full bespoke exhaust system Halyard have the solution.

In addition, we are also distributors for Aquadrive antivibration drive systems, Seatorque shaft systems, Wave filtration products, Freeman watertight closures, Steelhead deck mounted lifting equipment, and noise insulation materials. We also supply Rubber Design mounts, bellows and bulkhead penetrations and a range of valves, couplings, and thermal jackets. All products are supported by Halyard and our distributor and dealer network.

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