Commissioning the first deck equipment for Asso-Subsea

Ibercisa Deck Machinery has carried out the commissioning for the first delivery of an order from the Greek company Asso-Subsea. The winch has been installed on board the Aethra, an off-shore multi purpose vessel designed specifically to carry out operations for laying, protecting and repairing subsea cables.

With an output of 75kW and 21 tons in weight, the Ibercisa Electric Umbilical Winch gives data and power to the trencher and has been specifically designed to lay cables on the sea bed. This Ibercisa winch is electrically driven and gives greater control during operations as well as giving considerable energy savings.
The Umbilical winch will work jointly with an AHC Lifting Trencher Winch of 1500 kW which will be in charge of setting and hauling the cable in the trench.
The technology developed by Ibercisa Deck Machinery allows greater control of equipment in complicated maritime conditions with greater operational safety. The compensation demands on these machines is very high.