Ibercisa equips the Olupale Trawler belonging to Seacope Freezer Fishing

The building of the freezer trawler (Olupale) for Seacope Freezer Fishing, participated by Copemar, at the Armón Navia Shipyard is going full speed ahead. This vessel which is for Namibia, carries machinery which is designed and manufactured by Ibercisa Deck Machinery. Its the third order for this fleet in the last two years.

To be more specific, Ibercisa has delivered two electrically driven trawl winches with a power of 320 kW and 35 tons; a net drum for more than 30 tons, sweepline, setting and codend winches as well as auxiliary and anchor and docking winches.

The group of winches supplied is equipped with an automatic and integral fishing system, within the Ibercisa system, a symmetric control SCANTROL, with two screens on the bridge and a screen in the engine room to cope with possible system alarms.

Thanks to the alliance with Siemens, the electrical equipment, motors and frequency variators, are supplied with two AFE (Active Front Ends) os 380 kW which allow for energy regeneration, in this case largely positioned against the main PTO, with an extremely low harmonics level (less than 3%). The system also includes liquid refrigeration of the electrical motors for the main winches.

The Ibercisa fishing system is equipped with a data registration system and a remote control access system which permits data analysis to help the owner improve adjustments from the operations base as well as to maintain remote support 24/7 with the Ibercisa technicians. These in coordination with the local technical service in Namibia (Export Radopa) gives the added value of a high level of after sales technical assistance.