"Sanmar has been in the tug business for 40 years, producing tugboats for some of the world’s leading owner/operators –companies such as Østensjø, P&O, Smit Lamnalco and Buksér og Berging.

More than 180 vessels that benefit from Sanmar’s years of experience are presently in operation on international waters. The company also operates tugboats, provides pilotage services and towage services at 7 ports around Turkey’s Shoreline.

Sanmar currently build high quality and specialised tugboats in its 2 Turkish shipyards; in Tuzla and new shipyard Altınova. To enhance quality construction methods and standards Sanamr has invested in this new shipyard in Altınova and started construction in January 2015.
With the new yard the company intends to extend its scope with the construction of more sophisticated vessels adding to its already extensive portfolio of tugboats with AHTSs, Platform supply vessel PSVs, offshore construction vessels, pilot boats, mooring boats and those using alternative fuels such as LNG, for which the company has already built a fine reputation.

Sanmar tugboat company has an extensive portfolio of proven designs, from compact to escort types, some of which are exclusive with additional special features, ranging in length from 18m to 30m with bollard pull figures spanning 30 to 90 tonnes.
Most of Sanmar’s clients are A-class operators which are also highly active in the offshore industry. More information on Sanmar can be found on: www.sanmar.com.tr