Proteum are a UK based marine distributor with offices in Southampton. We provide marine diesel engines and support services to a worldwide customer base.

Proteum have marine diesel engines for sale in the UK and Ireland.  We distribute a portfolio of marine products including Baudouin, Bukh, Marine Diesel Sweden, OXE Diesel, Konrad propulsion systems and Steelhead Marine.  We also offer a range of services which include global support solutions.

Proteum is a consolidated marine brand, formed following the acquisition in 2015 of MDS Marine and Bukh Diesel UK.  We are part of SC Group.


    Proteum - SMART Engineer

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    A first in-class Service Monitor and Remote Tracking Engineering System (S.M.A.R.T Engineer) - an OXE Diesel Outboard monitoring and remote tracking system.


    Proteum - This is not a rental agreement, it is a Power In Partnership

    2021-04-07T15:14:00Sponsored by

    Our Power In Partnership (P.I.P.) enables customers to enjoy the benefits of an OXE diesel outboard without the financial pain. You will simply pay for the hours your vessel is active on the water.

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    Proteum and Moteurs Baudouin helping JST to change lives

    2020-12-17T14:04:00Sponsored by

    At Proteum with the support of Moteurs Baudouin we didn’t even think twice about supporting the refit of Jubilee Sailing Trust, tall ship Tenacious. JST is a charity which changes lives through adventure and exploration, so to find out more about how we supported this charity please read on…

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    We are constantly reminded by those who have come across our patented belt design concept for the outboard motor, as to how clever the whole design is. We call it a recombination innovation – meaning using best in class standalone innovations that have been well developed and combining it to create a highly innovative product that the customer wants.