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Explore smarter solutions for highly accurate, safe and efficient operations in challenging navigation, offshore and pilotage environments.

Today’s ports, terminals and offshore operations are managing increasingly bigger vessels to ever tighter schedules and difficult operating conditions.

Trelleborg’s range of smarter, next generation navigation and piloting solutions capture and integrate data in real-time, both on-board and jetty-side, to improve communication, reduce delays and optimize vessel throughput, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions for a more sustainable operation.

Trelleborg’s SafePilot Pro is a carry-on-board, ship-independent system that consists of a battery-powered, highly accurate GNSS system with motion sensors.

Featuring an iPad with the SafePilot App, the system displays official sea charts with custom data overlays for mission-critical information from the shore and vessels.

The system combines professional piloting software with portable pilot units (PPUs) to deliver situational awareness of a vessel to within 1cm accuracy, helping pilots to navigate in confined waters.

Its features include built-in docking and alignment support, guidance for lock approach and departure, a module with quick jump, under-keel clearance support and much more.

And our entire portfolio of SafePilot solutions is built in collaboration with marine pilots worldwide.

As a result, each solution’s touchscreen technology is highly intuitive, offering pilots the most modern, professional and easy-to-use tool for pilotage operations.

Integrating multiple information sources – including vessel movement data, weather forecasts, automatic identification system (AIS) and tug positions.

SafePilot solutions ensure pilots are presented with only the relevant details to avoid misinformation and to improve response and decision-making time.

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