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Deck Equipment & Lifting Gear

High intensity professional grade LED deck lights
The Offshore and PitMaster series LED deck lights engineered and manufactured by Vision X for the recreational and commercial marine markets are claimed by US distributor Imtra to provide superior illumination with durability and reliability that is ideal for offshore watercraft, oil platforms, shoreline industrial complexes and shipyards. 13 Apr 2017 - Maritime Journal
Safer towing for smaller vessels
Norwegian maritime safety and lifting expert H Henriksen AS, known worldwide for its off-load release lifting hooks, has introduced a disc type towing hook for safer on-load release. 27 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
The future is fibre
Interest is slowly picking up in fibre rope and now Rolls-Royce has begun to offer cranes up to 400 tonnes based on this field-proven but still innovative technology. 24 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
World’s largest ring bearings
Crane manufacturer Huisman is involved in construction of the world’s largest ring bearings at its Chinese production plant. 24 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
Four decades on the frontier
It’s now four decades since Spanish manufacturer Fluidmecánica started pushing back the frontiers of specialist marine equipment. 24 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
Wide remit for kit
It’s certain that 'Cherbourg 1' is being worked hard since its delivery last year. Interestingly, the deck gear is playing a central role, having been modified to squeeze out the last drop of capability from the Damen ASD 2810 design. 24 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
All change for Edda Fjord
An upgrade to ‘Edda Fjord’s access system promises to give the vessel a new lease of life. 23 Mar 2017 - Maritime Journal
Offshore wind accommodation containers
ELA Container Offshore GmbH has developed a new accommodation container type designed especially for use at offshore windfarms. 20 Feb 2017 - Maritime Journal
Walk-to-work? Surely not….
There’s an odd picture circulating of the new Barge Master access system. Although destined for the new Vroon Offshore vessel, ‘VOS Start’, it doesn’t appear to be on the ship at all, but outside the Vroon offices in Breda with the gangway reaching across into a top floor window. 26 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Locating the leak
There’s a neat trick that helps spot troubled hydraulic deck equipment. 22 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
All in the box
Romica Engineering, based in Beverley, UK has recently been called on to deliver a containerised deep-ocean mooring winch system for the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). 22 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Small is beautiful: a new take on transfers
A compact transfer device with a minimal footprint has been developed by Baltec Offshore that might help CTVs move beyond ‘bump and jump’ manoeuvres – while keeping their speed. 22 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Voyager 2 lights the way
The new, reshaped and redesigned Voyager 2 searchlight is the result of far more than just a whim. 21 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Back to basics for market survival
One of the big issues affecting the wind industry is that needs to future-proof itself, but the investment pipeline still lacks clarity, leaving contractors in a difficult situation and trying to minimise their costs explained Gilbert Rezette, MD of Netherlands based Ulstein Equipment BV. 21 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Trelleborg launches fender selection tool
Sweden-headquartered Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new online Fender Selection Tool, almost completely digitizing the fender selection process and saving consultants the huge amounts of time normally spent carrying out complex manual calculations. 20 Dec 2016 - Maritime Journal
Basket case
Despite some very sophisticated devices, a significant proportion of crane-lift crew transfers still rely on technicians clinging to the outside of something that looks like an oversized lobster pot, with little or no fall protection. 04 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
Widening appeal
Palfinger recently announced its latest acquisition - Herkules Harding Holding AS - but according to Palfinger CEO Herbert Ortner, it won’t be the last. 04 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
Evolving simplicity
The launch and recovery system behind a new, high tech exploration ROV has been developed with a kind of minimalism in mind. 04 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
No time off for crane
There’s a certain realism about the design of the HS Marine knuckleboom crane that’s been installed on the latest Wijngaarden Marine Services vessel. 04 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
New 500te Linear Winch
Scotland-headquartered ACE Winches will unveil its new 500te Linear Winch to its range of specialised deck equipment at this year’s Offshore Energy exhibition. 27 Oct 2016 - Maritime Journal